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Setting the Standards for the Shariah coins

Created in 1993, WIM is the institution that maintains, promotes and enhances the global standard of the Islamic gold Dinar and silver Dirham. Since then, around a dozen projects of minting have started stretching from South Africa to Malaysia and the USA.

WIM verifies compliance with legal standards in accordance with Islamic law during the manufacture of coins and medallions. Correctly manufactured products receive a corresponding licence from WIM.

All the WIM coins follow the same standards and they are mutually exchanged without a fee.

Islamic Gold Dinar & Silver Dirham Prices

World Islamic Mint Back Kelantan Dinar
World Islamic Mint Back Kelantan Dirham
200,00 USD
6,00 USD
180,00 EUR
5,50 EUR
Recommended Retail Price updated daily at 15:00 h - London time
Last update: 17-01-2019