A brief Timeline of Events that marks our history

World Islamic Mint is the first organization promoting the gold Dinar and silver Dirham world-wide. Since 1993 it has established the standard of weights and measurements for all of the Dinars and Dirhams that have been produced. These standards are followed by e-dinar Ltd, Islamic Mint Malaysia, Royal Mint Malaysia, Islamic Mint UAE, Islamic Mint Indonesia, Logam Mulia Indonesia, Islamic Mint South Africa and Dinar Kelantan.

The Chairman and founder of WIM, Prof. Shaykh Umar Vadillo, pioneered the minting of the Dinar and Dirham in 1992 and was the person responsible for introducing the idea of establishing the Shariah coins to Necmettin Erbakan of Turkey and Dr Mahathir Muhammad of Malaysia.



The Shariah coins were minted again in the city of Granada

In 1992 the Shariah coins were minted again in the city of Granada (Al-Andalus). It was the first modern initiative to bring the coins into circulation. The coins were received with high regard by Muslims across the world. We initiated minting in Spain and then we moved the minting facilities to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) under the patronage of Shaykh Hamdan bin Rashid.

Dinar Dirham Granada


World Islamic Mint was established

In 1993 World Islamic Mint was established in order to serve as a regulator for all the coins minted worldwide. Its function was to preserve and upgrade the standards and security features of the coins as well as to promote the usage of the coins throughout the Ummah.

Wold Islamic Mint logo


Prime Minister of Turkey declaration

The first political leader to understand WIM message was Necmettin Erbakan, the then Prime Minister of Turkey in the year 1996. He declared that the gold Dinar must become the common currency of the Muslim Nation.

Turkey Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan


Prime Minister of Malaysia supports gold Dinar

In the year 2000, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr Mahathir Muhammad, become the most important leader to defend the gold Dinar in public forums. He declared that the Gold Dinar must be the common currency of an Islamic Trading Bloc and that the US dollar must be replaced as international currency of reserve.

Malaysia Prime Minister Mahatir


Kelantan gold Dinar and silver Dirham

On 12th August 2010 the Gold Dinar was introduced in the Northern State of Kelantan in Malaysia. The State Government undertook the introduction of the coins through the State including all the State Companies such as Water and Utilities. The payment of salaries to State employees on a voluntary basis was limited to 25% and two of the most important popular markets in Kota Bharu (the capital of Kelantan) accepted the payment in the Shariah currency.

Launch Kelantan Dinar and Dirham


Zakat with the Shariah coins

On 25 August 2011 Kelantanese government collected and distributed zakat from people in Kelantanese dinars and dirhams in a public ceremony officiated by Chief Minister Dato Nik Aziz Nik Mat.

Dinar Dirham Kelantan