The key to the successful establishment of a new means of payment is not the minting of the coins but the existence and networking of the users.

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The Dinarshops Network is the official World Islamic Mint online directory that compiles the thousands of businesses around the world that accept Gold Dinars and Silver Dirhams as a means of payment. The aim is to help people find businesses and shops close to them, in their cities or towns, where they can use their Dinars and Dirhams. It also allows members within the network to know the location of Wakalas (agencies) where they can acquire more coins.

Every day we are working in developing new tools and features to make the website more user-friendly. We want to create a space where people can find answers to any concerns they have; an interactive network in which everyone can collaborate (participate). Our ambition is to expand Dinarshops Network all around the world by continuously promoting a real sharing of wealth, using a means of payment of Real Value.

Promoting the circulation of gold dinars and silver dirhams will make a real currency of gold and silver and by expanding the number of people accepting and using the coins, the possibilities of getting rid of the paper money increase exponentially. If we can create a scenario in which we can buy all our daily needs, paying with real money, we will be able to say: "We don't need these pieces of paper anymore!"


Why you should join us?

Trade should be based on mutual consent and freedom to choose the means of payment.

Paper money does not have value in itself; rather it’s only value is based on legal compulsion enforced by our governments. We, the people, the citizens of the world, the users of these currencies, do not have any control over the value of the money that we have in our pockets, Money that we work hard to obtain. Every day our savings are losing value due to inflation and other factors that are completely beyond our control.

The moment has come for this to change, for us to take the reins of our own wealth. By promoting the circulation of Dinars and Dirhams, we are creating the first gold and silver currency and by expanding the network of acceptability among the people, the possibilities of eliminating paper money altogether, increase exponentially. There is just one way to achieve our aim - by expanding the number of shops and businesses that accept Dinar and Dirham and promote their use among their clients.


Go to and click on the menu "Join Us".

*To register in our network, you must be the owner or the person in charge of the business, association, shop...

Dinarshops Join Us


Select from the pull-down menu the country where your business is located.

*If your business has more than one location, register each one separately.

Dinarshops Join Us Country


Fill in the data of the business location where the WIM coins are accepted: shop, office, factory, farm, etc.

Dinarshops Join Us Shop Info

- Name: The "public" name that appears in your place of business, e.g. the name in your shop sign.

- Address-fields: The more detailed the address, the easier it will be for your future clients to find your business.

   * If your business is exclusively internet-based, simply fill in: Country and State/Region (if applicable).

- Website: If you have a website, please specify as it will help to promote your business.

- Email: Please state your public email address to facilitate correspondence.

- Telephone: Type in your telephone number and then select if you want it to be published in our website or not.

- Location (GoogleMaps Coordinates): If you know the coordinates for your business, please specify. If not, click the highlighted "here" in the text below the box. A new window will open (check the image below) with instructions to get the data for this field; the coordinates of your business.

Dinarshops Join Us GoogleMaps

   Once you click on the green bar, you will get the coordinates of your location, for example:

Dinarshops Join Us Coordinates

- Facebook / Twitter: Write the links to your pages, if you have accounts in either one of these social networks.

- Short description: What makes your business special? What do you want to highlight? Be creative :-)

- Type of location:

      Physical location: Select if your activity takes place in a physical location where your clients can visit.

      Online activity: Select if your business operates from Internet-based activity. Only applicable if your website performs business transactions or registrations.

      No physical or online location: You don't have an address or a website for your activity (e.g. you fix computers at client's home, you are a plumber, etc.)

- Activity: Please, take some time to check the different categories of activities. Find the one/ones that best describe your business. You can choose up to 5 categories.

Dinarshops Join Us Activities

Click on the "Next Step" button.


Fill in the official information of your company.

   * This information will NOT be published on the website.

If most of the data is identical to the previous step, click on the tick box. Look at the red arrow in the image below to see where this tick box is.

Dinarshops Join Us Company Info

Once you retrieve the information from the previous step, modify what is necessary and complete the empty fields. Check the image below.

Dinarshops Join Us Company Info

Click on the "Next Step" button.


Fill in your personal information.

   * This information will NOT be published on the website.

Dinarshops Join Us Personal Profile

Click on the "Submit Form" button to finish the registration and submit the data.


Done!!! You are now a member of the Dinarshops Network.

Check your Registration ID, see the image below.

If you still don't have a WIM sticker you can download it here, see the image below.

Dinarshops Join Us Registration ID

Below you can see an example of one of our members. This is how your shop, business, association, etc. will look like on Dinarshops Network.

Dinarshops Join Us Business Sample


Display the WIM "We accept Dinar and Dirham" sticker

Accept and promote WIM Dinar and Dirham as means of payment