Setting up a WIM Mint

How does one actually set up a WIM-Mint?

In fact it is a simple matter to mint medallions and coins. Here is a short list of the points to be checked before one can cooperate with WIM.

Important: WIM coins can only be produced with the licence and approval of WIM. Any request for a licence has to be directed to the Board of WIM.

In principle, governments, NGO┬┤s and also individuals can become partners of WIM. Minimum quantities with respect to the production of the coins must be complied with.

Agreements will be made between the parties regarding the standards to be complied with in the future. Compliance with the rules is binding and is subject to an ongoing control by WIM.

1. WIM requires that medallions and coins are subject in the first instance to certain standards regarding the quality, size and weight of the products.

The technical specifications of production of the WIM coins include: weights, sizes, designs, shapes and dimensions, purity, power of striking, number of strikes, finishing polishing and security features.

Furthermore, we recommend with respect to the design that one side be kept uniform. Choice of the other side can be decided upon entirely by the partner. WIM also has a partner who can make appropriate designs on attractive terms.

The master dyes for the production of WIM coins are the property of WIM.

2. Not every mint is capable of producing such coins at acceptable terms and prices. Many mints accept only minimum quantities. WIM however can arrange for appropriate quantities on demand.

3. One should acquaint oneself with the basic legal requirements in the land where one wants to sell these coins. Moreover the local VAT regulations must be respected without fail when selling.

4. After production, WIM recommends a RRP - Recommended Retail Price.

WIM receives from mints 1% of their production costs. Any order for production has to be announced to the WIM board. Income will be used for WIM aims only, according to WIM internal rules. The goals of WIM are above all research, promotion and legal supervision.

Further information will be supplied on demand.